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Welcome to the New Year of 2021.

For some people I know, they might prefer to forget most if not all of 2020. Personally, I am not one of them. I decided to refocus my blogging effort midway through the year. See this post that explains my process.

In doing so, I branched out to building articles for MSSQLTips.com. Not knowing about the program, I submitted enough articles to meet the criteria for Rookie of the Year.  This means that based on community voting and other scoring factors, I could be selected for this outstanding award driven by the SQL Server community. While I am honored to be in the running, it is not why I blog or write.

Recently, giving back to the community has really become prevalent in my thoughts.  I tried public speaking, and while it was exciting, it just wasn’t my niche.  I think I can tell the story better using the written word, and it gives me an outlet to improve over time.

If you run across this blog and feel I am worthy of your time, I would be honored with your vote.

Voting ends January 31, 2021 @ 11:59pm ET.

Vote Here !!!

See my current list of published articles here.


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