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Have you embraced the awesomeness that is dbachecks?  dbachecks is a great framework that was built to check your SQL Environment for best practices and alert you to out of compliance items that can be acted upon.

I have recently been building a demo to introduce the tool to my work team.  While doing this I have learned a lot of great stuff and been deep diving in to the configuration side of dbachecks.  Today Mr. Rob Sewell (b | t) pointed out a global configuration value that I guess I had missed when it was added or I overlooked it from the beginning.


While tweaking my Invoke-DbcCheck  the list of  -ExcludeCheck checks keeps growing and growing.

Sure does make for a long command line to scroll thru.


It seems as though there is a config for this.  command.invokedbccheck.excludecheck

Turn your back for one second and those hard working dbachecks contributors will sneak something by you.  But in this case it is a good addition, even though I am not sure when it was added as I cannot figure out Git sometimes.

What that means is that instead of filling up your command line with -ExcludeCheck values you can run code like this to set it once and forget it.

This also allows you to use the Export-DbcConfig  and Import-DbcConfig  to save these settings.


Start using dbachecks and keep an eye on the repo for the quickly and ever changing code to get new features often.

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