60 Days In!!!3 min read

I am back!!!

And no, I did not volunteer to go to jail for 60 days. Since my wife and I are avid watchers of police/crime/prison shows on TV, I felt like that was a good title, so I ran with it.  Maybe my attraction to these shows has to do with my inner bad boy or the dreams of being in “the hole” (Solitary Confinement) for a couple weeks.

Anyway, the main story.  Earlier this year and even towards the end of 2018 I was in a low place professionally. Some things had changed around the company and the new regime was making changes that I was not on board with.  That plus the fact I was “being groomed” for a DBA Manager position with no grooming had me frustrated.  Personally, I do my best not to let my surroundings have impact on my attitude, but I was starting to fail at that.

Luckily for me and my family I had an opportunity presented to me that allowed me to move forward to a new company with big goals that I felt I was just the person to help meet.  However, it meant that I was going from a team of four DBA’s to a team of me.  I have never been in a situation where I was the lone DBA for a company or department, but after much consideration I felt as though I was at a good place professionally to take on the challenge and felt I had a strong SQL support system that I could lean on in the event I got stuck on something,

Well here we are 60 days later, and I am back to blogging, that was step one for me.  Get and take the time to sit down with my thoughts and get the train back on track.  I have been accepted to speak at SQL Saturday Baton Rouge.  A month or so ago I saw a tweet from the Baton Rouge team that they were still looking for speakers.  After thinking about it for a few days, I decided to apply and see where it goes.  I was thinking if I did get accepted my wife and I could go and visit Baton Rouge and go through New Orleans as we have never been there.  So, this past Saturday I received the e-mail that I was accepted to present my Using dbatools to manage SQL Server.  So that was a happy e-mail to receive.

Another thing I have been spending time with my thoughts on is how I can give back to the community that has been so helpful to me over the years. (MORE TO COME ON THIS!!)  So, I plan to increase my blogging frequency to document some of the things I have developed and implemented along this journey as well as some other new and fun technology that I am getting to work with in my new position.

Some of the things that I will be talking about will include:

  • Standardizing a new “to you” environment
  • Using dbatools to find anything and everything you need to know about a SQL environment
  • Improve the migration process from On-Prem to In-Cloud servers
  • Streamline the SQL patching process across all servers
  • Build automation around environment refreshes to save teams time and manual processing
  • Centralize management of all SQL Servers


That is what I have for now and I look forward to being able to get my thoughts in to some new blogs so that I keep my positivity and focus moving on the right path forward.

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