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I am incredibly honored to have been selected for the 1st time for the Friends of Redgate program!!

With my recent love of teaching and sharing, this honor comes at a great time.

You may ask yourself what is the Friends of Redgate program.  It is a group of SQL community members who love Redgate tools and don’t have any issues sharing that love.  When I first touched a database back in the early 2000’s, I also ran across an early edition of SQL Compare.  It was awesome and so was the company.  Redgate has become so much more than just tools for the DBA, they are part of the worldwide culture and #SQLFamily.  There is so much that they do to give back and it does not go unrecognized.

One of those programs is the Friends of Redgate.  These are all community members who are blogging, presenting and evangelizing all things SQL related.  I am humbled to be on a list of such awesome individuals in the community.

While this is my first time to be selected, I am not sure what the year will hold.  However, I am super excited to give back where I can and to learn and collaborate as well.

Wish me luck in 2019!!

Garry B

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