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In the spirit of the Holiday Season, I am going to pay tribute to dbatools using the Christmas carol; “The 12 Days of Christmas” to highlight 12 of the greatest functions to help a SQL DBA’s life.  I have been wanting to do a series of blog posts, and felt inspired when I heard the song on the radio recently.

dbatools History:

Dual Microsoft MVP Chrissy LeMaire ( b | t ) created a PowerShell script called Start-SqlMigration back in 2014 in order to help her better migrate SQL Server configurations from one server to a new server using PowerShell.  From that humble beginning that script has grown into an open source PowerShell module known to 1000’s of people as dbatools.  The community around dbatools encourages for contribution from anyone that wants to help.  There are over a 100 contributors around the world that help dbatools grow and get released frequently.  dbatools has a new release to the PowerShell Gallery almost daily with new code that is tested with every build to GitHub.

dbatools Overview:

If you really want to get started and get your system ready for the 12 Days of dbatools so you can play around take a look at the getting started page.  dbatools has a fully functional website with very well documented topics.  There is almost nothing you cannot find by going to the website and look around.  The newly released docs site will help you research the potential of all the 500+ functions currently available to you. Subscribe to the blog to get frequent updates, especially as the highly anticipated v1.0 prepares for release.

dbatools Metrics:

Views to the dbatools website have grown consistently since its first release in 2016.


And if you look at the GitHub repository you can see how the popularity has grown from contributors as well as users of the tool.


And the project just passed 100k downloads on the PowerShell Gallery


I am excited to share dbatools with you and hope you can spare a couple minutes a day to follow the 12 Days of dbatools journey and enjoy what dbatools can do for you.

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