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From the creators of the wildly popular dbatools open source PowerShell project comes dbachecks. Harnessing the power of the Pester framework and the amazing PSFrameWork module by Fred Weinmann (t) , the team has put together a module that compiles the checklists that all good DBA’s should be performing on their environments. This list of checks are some of the best practices across our industry to promote a happy and healthy SQL Server Environment.

Do you know if your Max Memory is setup correctly on all of your servers?  Do you have the correct TempDB configurations?  How about your DAC, is it enabled on all your servers in the event of an emergency? Well there are checks for all of these items, +80 or so more standard built in checks. So not only are there checks, but these are repeatable checks that you can run everyday to make sure a database Ninja, aka Junior DBA has not gone rogue and changed something because google said it was a good idea.


Not only do you have the ability to run the checks against one server, but this can scale to running against many servers.  You can group these by development and production.  You can group by tests you want to run across a product platform.


So you have setup and run all of your checks.  That sure if a lot of green text flying across the screen. Hopefully you don’t have a lot of red text mixed in with the results.

Either way, one of the most amazing parts of this open source project in my opinion is the Dashboard that has been created and included with the module.  A lot of great information is displayed in this one location that will give you a glimpse in to how your checks executed and the findings of the checks.

This is truly an amazing breakthrough for the SQL Server DBA at any level.  Using a few lines of PowerShell code to get such a plethora of information back in one easy to navigate Dashboard is awesome!!!

The dbachecks open source project is officially being launched at SQLBits this week.  I recommend installing dbachecks and get involved with the project as a contributor.  Take it from me, it is very full filling to contribute to an open source movement like this , even in small ways like me.

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