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This past Friday I was browsing the Twitter-verse and noticed in my notifications column that Shane O’Neil (b | t) had sent a challenge to Jason Squires (b | t) and myself.  And always being up for a challenge I said I was in before even researching what I was signing up for.

Further research shows that you are committing to code for one hour a day for the next 100 days.

What!!!  I am not a developer, what am I going to code I thought to myself.

Then after the initial shock wore off and I started thinking more about this challenge I began to get pumped up.

I have been doing all kinds of new stuff in the past year, what is one more fun activity to add to my list.

The challenge did not say what you have to code.  So this might fit right along with my other goals and passions recently; PowerShell.  And with that has come Pester and throw a little old school TSQL in the mix and I am sure I can do this 100 day challenge.

So let the games begin…

Monday morning I plan to hit the ground running with this challenge.  The actual hour I will focus on might vary.  Do I do it when I first arrive at the office?  Do I do an hour at lunch?  How about after my son goes to sleep at night?  I think all of these will be answered as I start the challenge and see how my daily routine falls around this.

I am so excited to begin and see not only what I can learn, but what kind of productivity will come from this challenge towards my backlog of tasks.

Wish me luck.


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